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Know thy Codec. Choose Wisely.


12/25/18 - BAAQMD links added to Montebello Ridge.

12/13/18 - Tony Look Trail added to Montebello Ridge.

12/5/18 - Air quality map added to Montebello Ridge.

9/30/18 - Montebello Ridge weather station updated for new WeatherLink 2.0 API

7/7/18 - Montebello Ridge wineries updated.

7/6/18 - REVV G3 pedal remix of Don's track added to Project Studio Tan.

6/28/18 - Don Madison reamp 'n remix project added to Project Studio Tan.

6/18/18 - Megadeth remix project added to Project Studio Tan.

6/13/18 - "Don't Touch That Dial" updated in Project Studio Tan.

5/25/18 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

5/1/18 - Added SCQ SMARA Act link to Montebello Ridge.

3/31/18 - Added "Understanding Signal Levels in Audio Gear" article link to Tips 'n Tricks.

3/10/18 - #RiffsAndBeards3 riff contest entry added to Project Studio Tan.

3/4/18 - Kevan J. Geier (Tremol-No inventor) added to Patents search in Tips 'n Tricks.

2/27/18 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

2/4/18 - Added Helmuth Lemme's Electric Guitar Sound Secrets and Technology to Music In Progress.

1/21/18 - "Solaris" remix project added to Project Studio Tan. "Recent Sound Experiment" updated.

1/2/18 - Added Schecter's Hellraiser C-1 FR S Sustainiac manual to Tips 'n Tricks.

12/9/17 - Cosmos Lyles (Evertune inventor) added to Patents search in Tips 'n Tricks.

11/13/17 - Additional Real Estate Search link added to Montebello Ridge.

10/19/17 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

10/4/17 - Additional hidden roads (searchable!) added to Montebello Ridge.

9/22/17 - Added SRS Labs to Patents search in Tips 'n Tricks.

8/24/17 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

7/26/17 -  "Pandemic" added to Project Studio Tan. "Recent Sound Experiment" updated.

6/16/17 - More Hodgson links added to About page.

6/15/17 - "Shopping with Schenker" photo added to About page.

5/26/17 - Added Thomas Dolby patent link to Tips 'n Tricks.

5/10/17 - Added link to Chick-Fil-A's recommended clone (!) recipe in International Cooking.

5/9/17 - Project Studio Tan "Recent Sound Experiment" updated.

3/21/17 - Snapshot of 1890 County Map showing (Old) Raffa Rd added to Montebello Ridge.

2/7/17 - Santa Clara Valley Water District rain gauges added to Montebello Ridge.

1/17/17 - Joseph D. Grant County Park added to Montebello Ridge.

1/6/17 - Live local weather stations added to Montebello Ridge.

12/30/16 - Project SHEPPi JBridge description updated. Copyright footers bumped for 2017.

12/4/16 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

11/1/16 -  New Project Studio Tan "recent sound experiment" added.

9/29/16 - Irving Azoff's Global Music Rights PRO added to Tips 'n Tricks, "Double Helix" updated to v1.09c in Project Studio Tan.

9/23/16 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

7/22/16 - "Is it Protected by Copyright?" link updated, user-suggested link added to Tips 'n Tricks.

7/15/16 - "The Loudest Sound In The World Would Kill You On The Spot" added to Tips 'n Tricks. (Be sure and read this after my own "A Decibel Primer")

7/3/16 - Complete set of MIDI.ORG specs in .PDF format (as of 7/3/2016) added to Music In Progress.

6/22/16 - "Double Helix" added to Project Studio Tan.

6/15/16 - 11/30/15 - Added Michael Fuller (Fulltone Plimsoul OD) to Patents search in Tips 'n Tricks.

5/15/16 - Added Roland Sound Canvas-VA manual to Tips 'n Tricks.

3/12/16 - "Whatever Happened To Deluxe Paint?" updated. Now with source!

2/13/16 - "Sunshine & Happiness" (v2.2_jh master) updated in Project Studio Tan.

1/27/16 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

1/26/16 - "Sunshine & Happiness" (v1.7 Bandmix master) added to Project Studio Tan.

12/5/15 - Added & to copyright search section in Tips 'n Tricks.

11/30/15 - Added Henry Burnett Wallace to Patents search in Tips 'n Tricks.

11/2/15 - SONAR instrument definition for XLN Audio's Addictive Drums 2 added to Music In Progress.

10/27/15 - Added link to current desktop pedalboard in Music In Progress.

10/23/15 -  Added Mesa/Boogie to Patents search in Tips 'n Tricks.

10/22/15 - Added Behringer GI-100 "Virtual 4x12" cabinet impulse to  Tips 'n Tricks in .both WAV and Kemper format.

10/6/15 -  Amp-building seminar photo added to About page. Added Bruce Egnater, Edward Van Halen & Neal Schon to the Patents search in Tips 'n Tricks.

9/28/15 - Music In Progress gear pic updated, again.

8/17/15 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

6/30/2015 - TSHL v1.4m remaster added to Project Studio Tan.

6/14/2015 - "The Sparrow Has Landed" (w/new outro solo) added to Project Studio Tan.

6/6/2015 - "The Eagle Has Landed" (just backing) added to Project Studio Tan.

5/29/15 - Disabled splash page .MID player due to Chrome v49 plugin incompatibility

4/10/15 - "Still I'm Sad" updated to v2 remaster in Project Studio Tan.

2/27/15 - Updated  "Live To Rock" production notes in Project Studio Tan. Music In Progress gear pic updated.

2/19/15 - Montebello Ridge fire & police links updated.

12/9/2014 - Remastered mix added to Production Notes - Still I'm Sad. This is what the loudness wars sound like, people!

12/1/2014 - "Still I'm Sad" added to Project Studio Tan.

11/19/14 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

11/13/14 - KoB Transcribed Credits page updated.

10/30/14 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

10/2/14 - KoB Transcribed Credits link added to About page. Find your brethren, fellow Executive Producers!

7/22/14 - "Wall Of Fear" mix updated in Project Studio Tan. For anyone keeping count, it's v1.04d.

7/18/14 - Added list of US analog & DTV broadcast antenna locations suitable for viewing in Google Earth to Montebello Ridge. (Thanks,

6/26/14 - Added Slipperman's "Recording Distorted Guitars From Hell" to Tips 'n Tricks. Also, Kemper/Fractal Wikis & SOS's tips on adding warmth & air.

6/3/2014 - "Wall Of Fear" added to Project Studio Tan.

5/26/2014 - Latest guitar tone experiment updated in Project Studio Tan.

4/17/2014 - Added Ole Juul Kristensen (Jam Origin's MIDI Guitar for iOS) to the Patents search in Tips 'n Tricks.

1/26/2014 - Added inventors Eric P. Ambrosino & Richard Aspen Pittman to the Patents search in Tips 'n Tricks.

11/29/13 Added Ron Kuper (ex-Cakewalk CTO) to the Patents search in Tips 'n Tricks.

10/28/13 - KCAT & KMVT Community Media links added to Montebello Ridge.

10/2/13 - Added Windows Media for Mac player & codec links to Project Studio Tan (thanks, Greg Miller)

9/25/13 - JBridge link added to Project SHEPPi page.

9/22/13 - Modernist Macaroni & Cheese added to International Cooking.

8/31/13 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

8/21/13 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

7/26/13 - Added AmpVision link to Tips 'n Tricks.

5/28/13 - Added Cakewalk's freeware/abandonware AFX plugin suite to Music In Progress.

4/13/13 - Translate Notion 4 drums to and from General MIDI with this new pair of CAL scripts for SONAR in Tips 'n Tricks.

3/31/13 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

3/2/13 - Benihana Dipping Sauces added to International Cooking.

1/29/13 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

1/23/13 - Added Impact Soundworks' "Shreddage II" instrument definition to Tips 'n Tricks.

11/22/12 - Added Marc Gallo (Studio Devil designer) patent link to Tips 'n Tricks.

10/28/12 - Pacific Tsunami Warning Center link added to Montebello Ridge.

10/8/12 - "Aphasia" mix updated in Project Studio Tan.

9/27/12 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

3/27/12 - Added Donald L. Bonham (Magnatone vibrato circuit inventor) patent link to  Tips 'n Tricks.

8/28/12 - Radio Cupertino live streaming link added to Montebello Ridge.

8/1/12 - Priest-style metal Reamp mix in Project Studio Tan updated, but I'm going to make you work to find it! I'm leaving the original mix in-place for now, because of all the pedagogy describing it.

7/5/12 - Real-time local weather station info added to Montebello Ridge.

6/22/12 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

6/15/12 - Legendary KOME DJ Dennis "Erectus" Netto passed away today. And since "Don't Touch That Dial" was dedicated to him, its Project Studio Tan's mix has been updated. R.I.P., Dennis.

3/27/12 - Added Ronald Passion freeware ampsim link to  Tips 'n Tricks.

3/15/12 - Added DamyFX's "Doctor Crunch" freeware ampsim plugin to Tips 'n Tricks.

3/13/12 - Chicken Zopes recipe added to International Cooking.

3/7/12 - Replaced earlier Kemper test tone grabs with a smarter before 'n after analysis in Tips 'n Tricks.

3/5/12 -  Why 5W tube amps are just too damn loud! Article added to Tips 'n Tricks (thanks, Andy G.) Also some examples of Kemper Test Tones when profiling the ENGL E-570.

2/28/12 - The Kemper came in! "Wreck" reamped, KPA mix up on Project Studio Tan.

2/15/12 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

2/11/12 - Added Christoph Kemper patent link in Tips 'n Tricks.

2/4/12 - Sound On Sound (UK) magazine invokes SHEPPi in its Dec2011 article, "Steal The Feel", which you can read here. Also, more wonderful article goodness from Celestion and Craig Anderton in Tips 'n Tricks.

2/1/12 - Mike Senior's "Mixing Secrets" added to Music In Progress. Also, "WTH" finally wrapped up and documented in Project Studio Tan .

1/18/12 - "Wreck" mix refresh, Karoke edit added to Project Studio Tan.

1/17/12 - Wow it's been a long time since I've posted a track. Enjoy "Wreck The Halls" in Project Studio Tan.

1/15/12 -  Happy New Year! Added Steven Slate Drums 4.0 Platinum "Deluxe Rock" Instrument Definition for SONAR to Tips 'n Tricks.

12/5/11 - Project SHEPPi made it into the cover story of December 2011's Sound On Sound magazine. Huzzah! Related Links updated.

11/22/11 - Added dual-mono mixed-mic dry Rammfire cabinet impulse to  Tips 'n Tricks.

11/7/11 - Rammfire cabinet impulses added to Tips 'n Tricks.

10/10/11 - Added Hedy Lamarr & Steve Jobs Patent links to Tips 'n Tricks.

9/28/11 - Added Michael Moore's "Here Comes Trouble" to Curmudgeonly Delights.

9/18/11 - Added Paul Flemming remix to Project Studio Tan.

9/11/11 - Added Kit Rae's Big Muff Circuit Guide to Tips 'n Tricks.

9/10/11 - Added Mokafix' NoAmp SansAmp plugin to Tips 'n Tricks.

8/31/11 - Spectral Management article by  Dave Moulton on added to Tips 'n Tricks.

8/28/11 - & Mike Senior's freeware list added to Tips 'n Tricks (thanks SOS!)

8/25/11 -  EV charger resources updated in Montebello Ridge.

8/24/11 - Michael Anthony Gerzon (of Waves) patent link added to Tips 'n Tricks.

8/22/11 - "Secrets Of Saturation" article added to Tips 'n Tricks..

8/17/11 - Palmer ADIG-ST impulse captures updated (again) in Tips 'n Tricks.

8/17/11 - AmpLion Free link added to Tips 'n Tricks. Joseph M. Fontana (Pace dongle) patent link added to Tips 'n Tricks.

8/15/11 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

8/14/11 - Michael Batio makes it into Tips 'n Tricks - for patenting the string dampener! Also, 7 Bad System Dwarves added to Tips 'n Tricks.

8/13/11 - Added Steven Smith's DSP book to Music In Progress. An old favorite, actually!

8/6/11 - Another SR&D patent link added to Tips 'n Tricks.

8/4/11 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

8/2/11 - Added Waidy's list of EV Charger resources to Montebello Ridge (plus Blink.) Also: "What's A Cupertino?"

8/1/11 - Added Andy Farnell's "Designing Sound" to Music In Progress. Added Ignite Amps to list of freeware ampsims in  Tips 'n Tricks.

7/29/11: Added Craig Anderton article on multiband distortion to Tips 'n Tricks.

7/28/11: Added Floyd Rose, Ebow inventor Gregory Heet & Softube muultiple patent holder Fredrik Gustaffson to Tips 'n Tricks.

7/25/11: Quarry document library link added to Montebello Ridge.

6/10/2011 - "Undestanding Records: A Field Guide to Recording Practice" added to Music In Progress.

6/9/2011: A variety of newsletters & links added to Montebello Ridge.

5/7/2011 - 3-6-2000: Retro Computing updated with a couple interesting bits. To think that Tandy kept the TRS-80 alive for as long as Commodore - wow. And that LNW repair facility? It's been namechecked.

5/4/2011 - Scuffham's S-Gear link along with some neato AMT tech articles on speaker & tube simulation added to Tips 'n Tricks.

4/20/11 - t.c. electronic's VPD-1 overdrive pedal speaker sim impulse added to Tips 'n Tricks.

4/11/11: Retro Computing page updated.

3/6/11 - "Bon Chon Style Chicken Wings" recipe added to International Cooking.

2/17/2011 - Guitar Interactive magazine link added to Tips 'n Tricks.

1/24/2011: Montebello Ridge updated.

1/21/2011 - Our 100th hand-picked quote comes to us courtesy of Winston Churchill.

1/13/2011 - "Zen And The Art of Mixing" added to Music In Progress.

1/13/2011 - Julius O. Smith's "Introduction To Digital Filters" added to Music In Progress. Added Black Mountain link to Montebello Ridge.

1/8/2011 - "How Music Works" - John Powell's ultra-readable book on music & psychoacoustics added to Music In Progress.

12/19/2010 - Air quality & USGS ENS links added to Montebello Ridge.

12/9/2010 - Added the IFRP's ISRC Handbook to Tips 'n Tricks.

12/6/2010 - Weather link added to Montebello Ridge.

11/23/10 - Added PlektronFX to freeware amp section in Tips 'n Tricks.

11/12/10 - Added a couple of cool Future Music articles to Tips 'n Tricks.

11/9/10 - Added Musical Merchandise Review to list of magazines in Tips 'n Tricks.

11/3/10 Added REAMP inventor and patent holder John Cuniberti to Tips 'n Tricks. Also, a couple of cool articles on audio analysis tools.

11/2/20 - Added Terry West to freeware links in Tips 'n Tricks. Don't forget to vote!

10/27/10 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

10/23/10 - Cupertino links added to Montebello Ridge.

10/16/10 - Some goodies added to Tips 'n Tricks & Music In Progress.

10/8/10 - Music In Progress gear pic updated. Spectrum analyzed the baritone intro riff to Arjen's new Star One trailer in Tips 'n Tricks.

10/5/10 - Analysis of James Hetfield's Black-era guitar tone added to Tips 'n Tricks. "Creating Scripts For Kontakt" article updated.

9/30/10 - Recording Bookshelf updated.

9/17/10 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

9/14/10 - "Riff King" reamp footnotes updated in Project Studio Tan.

9/4/10 - Updated the Commodore-Amiga page. Really. It never ends!

9/3/10 -  Added article series on writing scripts for Kontakt to Project Studio Tan.

8/30/10 - Hard-to-find "Persuader" tube overdrive pedal schematic added to Tips 'n Tricks. New pic added to About page.

8/28/10 - Viking saga link added to About page. This is as close to Yngwie as I get!

8/21/10 - "Riff King" production notes updated in Project Studio Tan.

8/17/10 - Example Palmer PGA-05 cab emu impulses in Tips 'n Tricks updated. What a bungle - sorry 'bout that!

8/12/10 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

8/4/10 - Collecting stickers from Botan Rice Candy? I'll save you the effort of chewing through an entire 60-pkg carton and tell you right now that the rarities are the ones on the bottom. Rick Ryu, my dear 6th grade teacher - this one's for you!

7/18/10 - Just For The Curious: sample Palmer PGA-05 cab emu impulses added to Tips 'n Tricks.

7/17/10 - ENGL 570 SE cab emu impulses in .WAV and Q-Clone format added to Tips 'n Tricks.

7/10/10 - Music In Progress gear pic updated. Now I have to go record sumthin'...

6/10/10 - Added a couple of interesting short AES papers on cab miking & analog audio FX to Tips 'n Tricks.

6/9/10 - Our Quote Of The Day list celebrates its 85th entry, hand-picked, cleansed in finest quality spring water, sealed in a succulent Swiss quintuple smooth treble cream milk chocolate envelope then lovingly frosted with glucose. And for the first time, you can read them all here.

5/18/10 - Priest-style metal Reamp clinic added to Project Studio Tan. Thanks, Andy!

5/7/10 - Added Steven Slate Drums 3.5 Instrument Definition for SONAR to Tips 'n Tricks.

4/30/10 - Sound On Sound (UK) magazine reviewed SHEPPi in its May 2010 issue. Highly recommended! You can read about it here. Also, ENGL 530 cab emu in Waves Q-Clone format added here.

4/29/10 - ENGL E-530 preamp review updated.

4/23/10 - About page overhauled, mostly.

4/20/10 - KFC-style recipe cooking details updated in International Cooking.

4/9/10 - Updated SHEPPi to v1.05, resolving more startup problems solved by the 1.1.7 Synthmaker build. Minor graphic changes.

4/7/10 - Music In Progress gear pic updated. Twice.

3/20/10 - Updated SHEPPi to v1.04 with a new look to match the OAP logo, that's all.

3/17/10 - Planet Hollywood recipe added to in International Cooking.

3/10/10 - SHEPPi updated to v1.03 to fix reported Tracktion 2 startup problem resolved with 1.1.6 Synthmaker build.

2/8/10 - Recording Bookshelf updated. Way to go, Discmakers!

1/18/10 - New free guitar preamp plugin added to Tips 'n Tricks. Recording Bookshelf updated.

1/14/10 - Auction Island updated, along with a few new quotes of the day.

12/31/09 - I've been reading a number of books on tube amp electronics this year, here's a few of the better ones: Recording Bookshelf updated.

12/30/09 - Rare transcription of a great Andy Timmons track added to Tips 'n Tricks.

12/28/09 - Recording Bookshelf updated.

12/26/09-  List of DTV stations receivable over-the-air from Montebello Ridge updated. KFC recipe updated in International Cooking.

12/22/09 - Metal mixer? Great recent SoS magazine article series added to Tips 'n Tricks! With sound examples.

11/22/09 - Music In Progress gear pic updated.

10/8/09 - SHEPPi updated to v1.01 to fix reported Nuendo startup problem solved with recent Synthmaker build.

9/30/09 - Added Shure's Microphone Techniques For Recording article to Tips 'n Tricks. Added Christian W. Budde to list of interesting freeware plugin creators.

9/28/09 - Added Bootsy's plugin link to Tips 'n Tricks, and Matthew Lattimer's "Speechless" to Curmudgeonly Delights.

9/16/09 - Power outage! Now that things are working again, I've clarified a few items on the SHEPPi Spatial Enhancer page. I'm sure to be adding more details as they occur to me (and the questions keep rolling in...)

9/15/09 - Initial SHEPPi public release. Thanks for finally fixing your bugs, OutSim!

9/11/09 Added proto-MP3 compression patent researcher David M. Schwartz to Tips 'n Tricks. You can read more about his patent here. Updated Demonizer cabinet impulse response - have I ever mentioned what a useful tool Sample Champion is? Too bad its UI still hails from the Win 3 era... Updated Music In Progress gear pic.

9/10/09 - Added my ENGL 530's Impulse Response to Impulse Reponse Corner. Why I didn't do this earlier is a mystery.

9/9/09 - Updated instrument collection in Music In Progress. If you don't see something here, I've probably sold it!

9/3/09 - Added Jack C. Sondemeyer & Hartley D. Peavey (Peavey) to patent searches in Tips 'n Tricks.

8/28/09 - Added some more cool hard to find free plugins to Tips 'n Tricks.

8/22/09 - Added Curt Knoppel (Aphex inventor) to the Patents search in Tips 'n Tricks.

8/20/09 - ENGL 530 product review updated. Thanks for the contour schematic, Tom! Added Alex Welti (Redeemer circuit inventor) to the Patents search in Tips 'n Tricks.

8/4/09 - Wow, did these move around in less than two months! List of DTV stations receivable over-the-air from Montebello Ridge updated.

8/2/09 - About page pics section updated. I still can't believe I got the chance to work with these musical legends... and up 'n comers Hydrogyn, too!

7/12/09 - KFC Chicken recipe updated.

6/13/09 - No more analog! Added list of DTV stations receivable over-the-air from Montebello Ridge.

6/4/09 - Added a few "before & after" remix/remastering demos to Project Studio Tan. Thanks for the projects, guys!

5/11/09 - "Whatever Happened To Deluxe Paint?" updated.

4/28/09 - Tips 'n Tricks updated with some new amp modellers!

4/10/09 - "Whatever Happened To Deluxe Paint?" article updated thanks to DPaint's last producer, Hal Jordy!

4/6/09 - You're on your own if you happen to stumble across a secret development project currently under development somewhere in Tips 'n Tricks,

3/2/09 - "Whatever Happened To Deluxe Paint?" article updated.

3/1/09 - Straight From The Archives - 1995 "Nasty Cowgirl" demo added to Project Studio Tan, remastered!

2/26/09 - New Sonic Maximizer impulse (courtesy BBE's D82 Sonic Maximizer plugin by Nomad Factory) added to Impulse Response Corner. Demonizer cab impulse trimmed.

2/25/09 - Impulse Response Corner added to Tips 'n Tricks,  along with a cool new phase rotator impulse courtesy of Ozone 4!

2/8/09 - AMT SS-20 Review updated with new information.

2/6/09 - Added  "Using The Equalizer Effectively" EQ article to Tips 'n Tricks.

2/2/09 - Updated ENGL 530 product review with more recording tips & examples. Same goes for my AMT SS-20 Review - thanks Jozef for letting me reamp your Tele!

2/1/09 - All you ever wanted to know about high-quality encoding for YouTube has been added to the production notes of the "Riff King" video.

1/26/09 - Remastered & reencoded "Riff King" videos in Project Studio Tan for oh-so-slightly better quality ;)

1/17/09 - New Instructional Video-style version of "Riff King" solo up, in Project Studio Tan. Always wanted to try this - what a hoot!

1/12/09 - Check my video for "Live 2 Rock", SAXON's "Riff King" YouTube Guitar Solo Contest Entry in Project Studio Tan.

1/8/09 - ENGL 530 "Modern Rock" twin-tube rackmount preamp review up!

1/6/09 - New Mix Experiment up on Project Studio Tan. A nice development in the ongoing quest for tone!

1/2/09 - Happy New Year! Updated gear endorsements & studio pics in Project Studio Tan and Music In Progress.

12/29/08 - Added some more recommendations from C|Net on deleting unnecessary Windows Background Services in Tips 'n Tricks.

12/28/08 - Updated "Direct Box" settings in my AMT SS-20 Review, and revised my Unnecessary Windows Background Services list in Tips 'n Tricks.

12/27/08 - Added Musicrow's free Preamp Emulator plugin to Tips 'n Tricks. Thanks to Sound On Sound magazine for pointing this one out!

12/15/08 - I just got my TubeZone Overdrive back from Australia - with a useful mod! Details here.

12/12/08 - Added what I consider to be Standard Practice "Windows Light" optimizations for DAW Recording in Tips 'n Tricks. Also added a couple more plugins to the list of freeware ampsims that may not be quite free, but they're cheap and too good to leave out!

12/2/08 - Finally, a book on TRS-80 history! Priming the Pump: How TRS-80 Enthusiasts Helped Spark the PC Revolution namechecked in Retro Computing and Curmudgeonly Delights.

11/13/08 - Added Peter Urbanik's w32dasm (last version of the great abandonware Windows disassembler) to Music In Progress.

11/02/08 - Added Line6's GearBox plugin "Early Reflections" impulse to Tips 'n Tricks.

10/19/08 - The "Quote Of The Day" database has now reached 50 entries, this time courtesy of radical tax cutter Grover Norquist. Hit F4 enough times and you might see it...

10/2/08 - Added Freeware Amp, Tube & Tape Sims section to Tips 'n Tricks.

9/17/08 - Thanks to miracle of eBay, we now have data sheets on the Panasonic EV-95 battery packs as used in the RAV4 and Ford Ranger EV's. RAV4-EV page updated!

9/4/08 - How much louder is a 100W Marshall than a 50 Watter? (It's not what you think.) A Decibel Primer updated in Tips 'n Tricks.

9/1/08 - Added AMT's new manual to my SS-20 Tube Guitar Preamp Review, along with some detailed technical info that you won't find anywhere else!

8/29/08 - Google's Patent Search is sooo much better than the USPTO's. And to prove it, I've added a handful of really good searches to Tips 'n Tricks.

8/19/08 - Hard-to-find BOSS ME-X Owner's Manual added to Tips 'n Tricks.

8/15/08 - MI Audio Tube Zone Overdrive Review added to Tips 'n Tricks.

8/13/08 - Latest metal mix experiment updated at Project Studio Tan. Listen to that, then compare to the previous one - Hollywood Blasers, look out!

8/12/08 - Guitar pedals are on my mind. Two great resources: Roland's Guitar FX Guidebook added to Tips 'n Tricks, and Dave Hunter's "Guitar FX Pedals" referenced in Music In Progress.

8/11/08 - Music In Progress updated.

8/5/08 - SS-20 Tube Guitar Preamp Review updated again, with some new info about how AMT's own samples were recorded.

8/3/08 - "Whatever Happened To Deluxe Paint?" article updated.

7/31/08 - Music In Progress studio layout pic updated.

7/30/08 - SS-20 Tube Guitar Preamp Review updated again, with some technical observations on its cab emulator and EQ behavior

7/28/08 - Long overdue: Simplified homepage menu to better reflect what the site's about. Updated Montebello Ridge (formerly "Mountain Living").

7/26/08 - So You Want To Be A Star? Some Musical Career Advice To A Young Man added to Tips 'n Tricks.

7/24/08 - SS-20 Tube Guitar Preamp Review updated.

7/15/08 - Added AMT Electronics' SS-20 Tube Guitar Preamp Review to Tips 'n Tricks.

7/12/08 - Some long overdue pictures illustrating my recording setup added to Music In Progress.

7/4/08 - New track up! Time to pay tribute to the lovely hard rock stylings of His Infernal Majesty in Project Studio Tan.

6/21/08 - Somehow, today's Scott Adams strip referring to EV's reminds me of that Paris Hilton commercial for Carl's Jr...

6/18/08 - Update my Recording Bookshelf with some new goodies and added a Music Engineering section to boot.

5/6/08 - Two very useful goodies for those who understand: A "famous" 4x12 cab simulation and a superb matching EQ, both perfect for metal tracks. Check 'em out in Tips 'n Tricks.

4/24/08 - Updated "Hell's Kitchen" theme in Project Studio Tan. The magic of real tubes and mastering! Also repaired "Aphasia", whose ending somehow got cut off... WTF?

4/13/08 - Added "Hell's Kitchen" theme to Project Studio Tan.

4/11/08 - New items added to Curmudgeonly Delights and the Music In Progress book lists.

3/23/08 Three new guitars for up sale on Auction Island!

3/16/08 Added UPC Code lookup search link to Tips 'n Tricks.

3/5/08 It's been an exhausting couple of weeks, but the entirety of Project Studio Tan (along with a few surprises!) has now been remixed and/or remastered (usually both) in preparation for "MELODIC INSTRU-METAL MADNESS: THE CAPTAIN ZILOG FILES" coming soon to an online store near you. Who woulda thunk? All in glorious ((( STEREO ))), with every bit immaculately preserved!

2/25/08 Song ownership search links added to Tips 'n Tricks. Also added Dave Moulton's informative EQ chart to my collection of great audio spectrum breakdowns.

2/24/08 "Don't Touch That Dial" remastered in Project Studio Tan, taking advantage of some new plugins I discovered while remixing Aphasia!

2/14/08 "Aphasia" remixed in Project Studio Tan, mostly to get a real bass performance in there. But, it also gave me the chance to remix an old chestnut - these things are never done, are they?

1/16/08 - We're up to 66 CD's, 42 movies, 29 documentaries, 35 fiction and 67 non-fiction book recommendations in Curmudgeonly Delights, not counting the Recording Bookshelf (one new addition & some tools) listed in Music In Progress. These are the most often updated parts of this site.

1/10/08 - ART Project Series Tube Mic/Inst Preamp w/USB Gear Review added to Tips 'n Tricks.

1/6/08 - Fixed the built-in music players so they center properly in Firefox. Also added a useful new recording reference to the book list in Music In Progress.

1/1/08 - Happy New Year! Instrument Frequency EQ Chart added to Tips 'n Tricks.

12/22/07 - Recording & Audio Magazine Links added to Tips 'n Tricks.

 12/19/07 - "What's New" doesn't go back this far, but It really has been over ten years for this overgrown homepage. Originally started as a project to help me and my MMI307 students learn HTML 3, the URLs may have changed but the look remains the same, doesn't it?

12/18/07 - SFZ instrument file updated, and a cool new song demo that uses it!

12/13/07 - Need to use Beta Monkey's DrumWerks IX sample library with Cakewalk's Session Drummer 2? SFZ instrument definition file now available in Tips 'n Tricks.

11/26/07 - Dammy's Stuffing and Popovers added to International Cooking. Teaser Snippet added to Project Studio Tan. New items scattered throughout Curmudgeonly Delights.

10/29/07 - More tweaks, and a few corrections made to International Cooking. Added "Geek Code" to the About page.

9/16/07 - Too many small changes to bear mention, mostly new additions to the Books (formerly Top 10) page along with a few Project Studio Tan mix tweaks.

8/16/07 - Remastered "Breakaway", my 2002-era industrial electronica (?) guitar instrumental.  Project Studio Tan updated.

8/13/07 - Remixed "Club Soda", which was my first really good solo songwriting effort from Guitar War. The mix was pretty dated, so - Project Studio Tan updated.

8/11/07 - Merged the "Who's Behind This" and "About" pages together, and rechristened the formerly buried Top 10 page as "Curmudgeonly Delights", with a lot of new content.

8/10/07 - Freshened the "About" page. Kinda. At least it's now technically accurate...

8/4/07 - Freshened my "Top 10" page a bit, particularly the Books section

7/30/07 A new Halfpixel cartoon in Tips 'n Tricks. There, now I've got all humor bases covered.

7/30/07 "Aphasia" remastered in Project Studio Tan, along with (in case you missed it) several 'silent' remasters of DTTD

6/20/07 Deluxe Paint interview with Swedish computer magazine Azine added to Tips 'n Tricks.

6/4/07 Fun with Pinnacle! "Don't Touch That Dial" now has a video to go along with it.

5/30/07 A lotta little clean-uppy things that I should have done long ago.

5/28/07 Bitchin' (but brief) music segue added to Project Studio Tan page. Hope it doesn't get old!

5/27/07 Edirol HQ softsynth docs added to Tips 'n Tricks.

5/21/07 Updated the RAV4-EV Page a bit, but this section could really use a freshening!

5/9/07 Updated TTS-1 information in Tips 'n Tricks

5/5/07 The Toyota RAV4-EV in Auction Island has been sold. Thanks for looking!

4/30/07 Handy Master Controllers List cheat-sheet covering the TTS-1, HyperCanvas, Line6 GearBox & M-Audio Axiom 49 added to Tips 'n Tricks.

4/29/07 Looking for the hard-to-find EDIROL HyperCanvas manual? It's here in Tips 'n Tricks.

4/24/07 Remixed "Don't Touch That Dial" for the Project Studio Tan page, along with a new Solo Medley and some minor changes throughout.

3/19/07 Added some disposable fan humor to Tips 'n Tricks page

3/4/07 Added a long-overdue pic to the Project Studio Tan page

2/1/07 Completely reorganized the Tips 'n Tricks page, with a whole lotta new stuff.

1/2/07 Added "Don't Touch That Dial" to Project Studio Tan page.

12/2/06 Added Igor Bars recipe to International Cooking.

11/10/06 Added a mini review of SONAR 6 to the Tips 'n Tricks page.

10/23/06 - Added "A Decibel Primer" to the Tips 'n Tricks page.

10/10/06 - Added "Aphasia" to Project Studio Tan page.

6/27/06 - added a mini review of the Edirol R-09 24-bit WAV/MP3 Recorder

6/9/06 - Added "Annabella" to Project Studio Tan page.

5/6/06-5/17/06: Added several more great songwriting/recording books to Music In Progress.

3/17/06: Add item for sale in Auction Island.

3/16/06: Added Stan Veit's "History Of The Personal Computer" to the Retro Computing page.

3/9/06: Updated "Premonitions" mix in Project Studio Tan to v1.06.

3/9/06: Updated the Commodore-Amiga page.

3/7/06: Added "Lost In Time (intro)" to the Project Studio Tan page.

3/3/06: Added "Coast To Coast" to the Project Studio Tan page. Updated books in Music in Progress.

2/18/06: This site, after 10 years, is finally being hosted on a real server, with lots of space. Please update your bookmarks to the Island's new home:

9/12/05: Updated the Project Studio Tan and Music in Progress pages.

2/8/04: Updated the "Whatever happened to Deluxe Paint?" page.

2/4/04: Added "Harmony Central" to the Project Studio Tan and updated Music In Progress.

10/30/03: Added "The Last Waltz" to the Project Studio Tan page.

9/28/03: Added production notes to Project Studio Tan page.

9/26/03: Added "Captain Crunch" to the Project Studio Tan page. Updated gear on Music In Progress.

8/15/03: Added "Don't Cry" to the Project Studio Tan page, all tracks remixed & reencoded to 128Kbps

8/5/03: Added "Club Soda" to the Project Studio Tan page.

4/30/03: Updated the Project Studio Tan page.

12/24/02: Updated the Project Studio Tan and Music In Progress pages.

12/19/2002: Updated the Toyota RAV4EV and Cooking pages.

4/8/2002: Added a new section for the Toyota RAV4EV, the world's first consumer electric SUV!

12/29/2001: Rearranged the songs in the Midi Sound Tracks section for playback on the Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth, as used in Win2K. Now we finally have a consistent MIDI playback platform across PC's, thank you Roland! Amiga section updated.

11/4/2001:  Deluxe Paint was one of the world's most successful paint programs. Whatever happened to it? Now the story can be told.

10/4/2001: Tired, old quote on splash page finally replaced with some choice random ones. Why does HTML have to make this so difficult?

8/7/2001: Thinking about renting a U-Haul? Caveat Rentor! Read this article first to avoid suckeritis.

7/12/2001: If you've ever wanted to install a backup generator at your house and say goodbye to rotating blackouts, then this story is just for you.

5/14/2001: I've really, really given up on V3Space's Web hosting service, but their URL redirecting service still works passably. What a frustrating experience - if the redirector doesn't work, you can always fall back on (current) actual address: And, unfortunately, that means I'm limited to only 6MB of space on-server.

Although we've been back in California for nine months now, I can't believe I'm busy with house & repair issues! Fortunately I've found enough time to raise a new website/webserver for our local school, and it's kinda cute:

2/8/2001: Read, Listen, review. My thoughts & opinions on some purchases.

11/30/2000: Montebello Cam added.

11/29/2000: This site, originally hosted at the University of Miami School of Music, has moved often enough that I've decided to do something about it. The new official bookmark location will make sure you can always find us, thanks to another island... Tonga!

11/28/2000: Lead Guitar page added. "The path to enlightment is long, Grasshopper..."

11/5/2000: International Cooking page added. Some of my favorite spicy recipes.

10/30/2000: Now we're here, here's where we are. Montebello Ridge page added. General site cleanup.

UPDATED.GIF (168 bytes)10/27/2000: RealAudio samples have been recoded in RealPlayer Version 8 (Sony ATRAC-3) format. Other minor tweaky improvements throughout.

  10/22/2000: The site is going to be moved once again, as we prepare ourselves to shift over to a new ISP in order to beta-test a new Internet service. Goodbye DirecPC, hello wireless broadband.

9/28/2000: We've moved, happy once to be back in Cupertino once again. It took only 8 days of cross-country RV'ing with no major mishaps. This being our second cross-country trip in five years, there aren't too many states we haven't seen! 

5-1-2000: Vice Squad makes its hi-fi debut on the newly revamped Project Studio page.

3-15-2000: The Amiga page has been updated with news from the Gateway 2K show in St. Louis.

3-6-2000: The Retro Computing page has been updated with more TRS-80 & LNW-80 stuff.

What's that? Your ISP logs you off after 10 minutes of idle? Fight back with KeepAlive 3.01!

More guitar? You got it. New demos 'n studio techniques this month in Project Studio Tan. Now with HTTP Streaming Audio!

Surf for free! Only got a Unix shell account? Rejoice! New and improved, with examples.

Psychoacoustics students can read about the Binaural Perception of Masking, recently revised.

Check out today's weather radar for Cupertino, CA, or get it straight from the government.

... And plenty of new additions scattered throughout. Don't say I didn't warn ya!

Garry Kasparov's loss to Deep Blue in Game 6

Today's Featured Guest Artist: Nicholas Gurewitch

(If not for true love, she probably would have left with Superman)


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