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Montebello Ridge

Photo credit: Masumi

If you could live anywhere, where would it be? If you haven't figured it out yet, I'd prefer a lush remote Pacific island. One with high-tech jobs, a good bookstore, good schools, and a Home Depot. The irony is that no island can live up to all these criteria, even if one could afford such a thing. Hawaii has the highest cost of living of any state, and you're very lucky if you can even purchase island property outside the U.S.

If the above picture looks like Kauai, it's not. It was taken outside our kitchen window one morning after a heavy rain shower in the Cupertino mountains. That's right, Cupertino, as in Silicon Valley, gridlock, smog, and flat. Most people never take the time to fully explore the hills around the South Bay, but that's where the beauty is. From Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz, La Honda to Bonny Doon, the Santa Cruz mountain range is an oasis that can make you think, for a little while, that you took a wrong turn somewhere on the way to Lake Tahoe. Or Napa.

Although it's still possible to live the way Ken Kesey did, if you get too far away from the Valley floor you have to battle rain, fog, and windy mountain roads. There's no municipal water or pizza delivery, and you never know when a generator might come in handy - but that's the price you pay for fresh air and views that go on for miles. The orchards may have been replaced by office parks in Santa Clara, but up here life remains unchanged. Except for the wireless broadband and DirecTV, of course.

Montebello Ridge is part of Mount Black, the "mountain" in Mountain View. Located in unincorporated Cupertino, the area and its surrounding open space preserves are part of Santa Clara county. Wine tasters, hikers and mountain bikers are invited to enjoy the local Pichetti and Ridge wineries on their way to the summit (2600').

For more on this area and others like it, catch Bay Area Backroads, Sat & Sun nights on KRON-TV. Speaking of television:

List Of DTV Television Stations Currently Receivable Over The Air From Mt Black : (12/26/09)

Call Ch Network City Broadcast Location Notes Signal Strength
KAXT 1.1-20 Shared San Jose Aborn Rd, San Jose Low power, 15KW, 1-1 EPG, Misc  
KTVU 2.1-2 FOX Oakland Mission Peak, Fremont "TV36", Awaiting Update, 1MW 28%
KCRA 3.1-2 NBC Sacramento Walnut Grove 100kW 22%
KRON 4.1-2 Independent San Francisco Sutro Tower, SF 1MW  
KPIX 5.1 CBS San Francisco Sutro Tower. SF Awaiting Update, 1MW 43%
KGO 7.1-2 ABC San Francisco Sutro Tower, SF 72 kW  
KQED 9.1-3 PBS San Francisco Sutro Tower, SF 777 kW 36%
KXTV 10.1-2 ABC Sacramento Walnut Grove 34.5 kW 13%
KDTV 14.1 UNI San Francisco San Bruno Mtn Spanish, 476.3kW 63%
KFSF 14.2 Telefutura ? ? ?  
KOFY 20.1,.4 Shared San Francisco Sutro Tower, SF Awaiting Update, 383kW 35%
KRCB 22.1-12,.101-103 Shared Cotati Glen Ellen Awaiting Update, 105kW 42%
KMAX 31.1 CBS Sacramento Walnut Grove Awaiting Update, 1MW, active? 21%
KMTP 32.1-2,.4-5 CAS San Francisco Sutro Tower, SF 500 kW, active? 34%
KICU 36.1-3 Cox San Jose Mission Peak, Fremont 550 kW 62%
KCNS 38.1-2 Independent San Francisco Sutro Tower, SF 1MW, Chinese broadcasting  
KTXL 40.1-2 Fox Sacramento Walnut Grove 950 KW  
KTNC 42.1-2 TuVisión Concord Walnut Grove Spanish, 40kW 61%
KBCW 44.1 CBS San Francisco Sutro Tower, SF Awaiting Update, 400kW 28%
KTLN 47.1 TLN Novato Novato Xtian, 1MW  
KSTS 48.1-3 TEL San Jose Mt. Alison (Fremont) Spanish, 257kW 73%
KTEH 54.1-5 PBS San Jose Milpitas 290kW 40%
KQCA 58.1-2 NBC Sacramento Walnut Grove 600kW 24%
KCSM 60.1-3 PBS San Mateo Sutro Tower, SF 536kW, community college, weak  
KFSF 66.1-2 Telefutura San Francisco Sutro Tower, SF Awaiting Update, 150kW 26%
KTLN 68.1? TLN Novato Fremont Peak, Salinas Xtian, 1MW 47%

(12/12/2012 Update - According to KAXT's Electronic Program Guide on Ch. 1-1, the DTV channel line up is: )

1-1 KAXT1-13
2-1 KTVU1-2
4-1 KRON
5-1 KPIX
7-1 KGO1-2
9-1 KQED1-3
11-1 KNTV1-2
14-1 KDTV
20-1 KOFY1-2
22-1 KRCB1-3
26-1 KTSF1,3,4
32-1 KMTP1,2,5
32-6 MTPDT6
36-1 KICU1,2
38-1 KCNS1,2,4
38-5 CNSDT5
42-3 KTNC3
44-1 KBCW
48-1 KSTS
48-3 STSDT3
54-1 KQEH1-5
60-1 KCSM1-3
65-1 KKPX103
66-1 KFSF1-2
68-1 KTLN

KTSF 27 (San Bruno Mtn, Asian, 500kW) like several other stations broadcasting near San Francisco, lies in a partial mountain shadow and may be too weak to be received in digital. Currently in the process of being upgraded to 858kW, your best bet for now is to watch it as a Local Channel via DirecTV (current channel lineup incl. KBCW, KFTY, KGO, KCNS, KCSM, KDTV, KFSF, KICU, KNTV, KOFY, KPIX, KRCB, KRON, KTEH,  KTSF, KSTS, KTLN, KTVU & KQED.)

KFOG 104.5 FM (another Sutro Tower station in the shadow of Mt. Black) rebroadcasts its signal to San Jose via a 3.1 kW repeater on the Ridge as KFFG 97.7 FM, Los Altos. For a list of all the analog & digital transmitters in the US for Google Earth (as of 2010), click here.

Places to Visit

Blackberry Farm
City of Cupertino
Bay Area Backroads
The Cupertino Courier
Bay Area Metro
San Jose Mercury News

Parks & Recreation

Midpeninsula Regional Open Space
Stevens Creek County Park
Joseph D. Grant County Park (across the bay on Mt. Hamilton)

Fire & Police

Stevens Creek Volunteer Fire Dep't
Santa Clara County FireSafe Council (Lexington Hills)
Santa Clara County Fire Dep't
Area Crime Reports

Local Resources

Black Mountain on Wikipedia
The Cupertino Courier
The Cupertino News
Cupertino Patch e-newsletter
Computer Recycling
Free Compost
KMVT 15 Community Television
KKUP Cupertino Commercial Free People's Radio 91.5 FM
WQGH Streaming Radio Cupertino 1670 AM
KMVT 15 Silicon Calley Community Media, producers of "The Better Part"
KCAT Los Gatos/Monte Sereno Community Television
Stevens Creek Volunteer Fire Dept

Local Wineries

Vidovich Vineyards
Ridge Vineyards
Fellom Ranch Vineyards
Naumann Vineyards
R&W Vineyards
Picchetti Winery

Neighboring Wineries

Cooper-Garrod Vineyards
House Family Vineyards
Mount Eden Vineyards
Kathryn Kennedy Winery
The Mountain Winery (formerly Paul Masson)

Saratoga Wineries & Beyond

Savannah Chanelle Vineyards
Big Basin Vineyards
Domain Eden

Santa Cruz Mountains Winegrowers Association

Bay Area Air Quality Management District (map) Links

Air Quality Forecasts
Bay Area Open Burn Status
Historical Air Monitoring Data
How To Reduce Your PM 2.5 Exposure
Cupertino 2010-2013 Air Monitoring Project (archived report) (archived toxics)
PurpleAir Air Quality Map (user-sourced, incl. temps & humidity)

Environmental Groups

Bay Area For A Clean Environment (BACE) (formerly 'No Toxic Air' - Councilman Barry Chang is on this one)
West Valley Citizens Air Watch
South Bay Quarry Library
Stevens Creek Quarry Surface Mining & Reclamation Act (SMARA)

EV Charger Finder (thanks Waidy for starting this list)

Blink Network Finder
Charge Point Finder
Department of Energy
EAA EV Charging stations lists in San Francisco - Bay Area
Electric Car Charging Stations
EV Parking at SFO
The EV Project Charger Map
Google EV Charging Finder
Recargo charger finder

Forgotten Backroads (you're on your own here!)

Balboa Rd
Baccaglio Way
Casa de Pinos
Coyote Ridge Trail
Cruz Perez Way
El Cerrito Rd
Kristen Drive
Mikulaco Rd
Montebello Terrace
Old Raffa Rd
Stevens Creek Tony Look Trail
Water Wheel Trail
SCCGov Interactive GIS Map Viewer, Surveyor Map Viewer
Santa Clara County Assessor's Office Real Property Search , Clerk-Recorder Official Records, Surveyor's Office

Weather Stations

Weather Underground
Davis WeatherLink
Mt. Eden
Stevens Canyon
Swiss Creek
Casa de Pinos
Page Mill
Santa Clara Valley Water District
PurpleAir Air Quality Map (incl. temps & humidity)

Fun Stuff

Weather Radar  3-Day Forecast  7-Day Forecast  NOAA Los Altos
PG&E Electrical System Outage Map
Bay Area Earthquake Reports  USGS ENS Notification Service USGS Quaternary Faults Database Berkeley Real-Time Interactive Earthquake Map
Bay Area Air Quality & Temperature Reports
Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
What's a 'Cupertino'?


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