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Who We Are

Rock Island Productions is a multimedia service bureau located in California. Started in 1994 as a side project while developing software for clients incl. Electronic Arts and Cakewalk, Dallas Hodgson and his wife Masumi saw a future in outsourcing such previously in house creative development tasks as audio post, computer game scoring, software engineering and graphic arts under one roof.

With a knowledgeable staff and top-of-the-line equipment, Rock Island is your affordable solution for high-quality, quick-turnaround multimedia projects of all sizes. Whether it's a small job like mastering a CD or a full-blown interactive PC demo, we encourage you to think of us. With over twenty years of engineering experience, we enjoy what we do and it shows. Call us for quotes, by the project or by the hour.

What We Do

  • Audio Software Development
  • CD Mixing & Mastering
  • Music Scoring & Transcription
  • Audio For Video
  • Multitrack digital recording
  • Multi-platform systems programming & DSP
  • PC Audio Consulting & DAW support from a former Cakewalk SONAR developer!


at WireWorld, Nashville
with multi-platinum producer
Michael Wagener

"Dallas created a CAL file for Sonar for me that does exactly what I want it to do, which is to apply contrary motion to melodic lines. He obviously knows exactly what he is doing in regard to programming computers for musical applications. "

--- Jerry Gerber, film & game composer, author of  "The Art of MIDI Sequencing":

"...I just listened to your masters and they KICK ASS. I'm so thrilled with this I can't even begin to express my real, heartfelt gratitude. As good as I expected things to sound... you've gone several steps further and found the real heart of these pieces."

--- David Harper, songwriter/producer & Nashville recording artist:

"You were thanking me for my patience. It should be me thanking you for yours. And for your willingness to help out. It's a great mix. That is absolutely awesome! It's perfect."

--- Chris Lonsberry, singer/songwriter/guitarist & TAXI recording artist:

"Hey, not patting myself on the back here - but the song rocks and your mix slays - I mean it's really shining now!!! I'm so happy!"

--- Ben Djeghdir, progressive instrumental guitarist / songwriter


For more information, contact:

Dallas Hodgson
Rock Island Productions
Cupertino, CA 95014

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