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Welcome To The Island

So who is this guy, anyway? First off, welcome to my homepage. My name is Dallas and I'm a long-time software engineer & musician who enjoys travel, spicy food, cooking, & and is rarely seen without a book in hand. Some of my best-known projects include Deluxe Paint AGA, (Electronic Arts), SONAR (Cakewalk), AmpSim (Cakewalk), Project SHEPPi and the Amiga disk editor NewZAP. Somewhere along the line I became involved with IndieVest as an executive producer for the upcoming Joe Lynch horror-comedy "Knights Of Badassdom" starring Summer Glau. Feel free too look around and chill for a bit - the Island is not a corporate presence, it's just a rather overgrown homepage filled with random pieces of interest that get updated from time to time.

And for those who prefer the third-person bookflap approach:

"A native resident of the Bay Area, Dallas Hodgson helped create a variety of products for companies like Electronic Arts, IBM and the Xerox PARC spinoff Metaphor Computer Systems. From there he went on to study audio production at "Art Of Mixing" author David Gibson's California Recording Institute, which in turn led to graduate study with digital audio legend Ken Pohlmann at the University Of Miami where he completed a Master of Science in Music Engineering. Along the way, he got married in Japan and lives with his wonderful wife Masumi and adorable daughter Michelle. When not busy in the studio, he writes software plugins and performs a variety of technical and creative services for his consulting firm, Rock Island Productions."

About The Island

"Well, I stand up next to a mountain
And I chop it down with the edge of my hand
Well, I pick up all the pieces and make an island
Might even raise a little sand"  - Jimi Hendrix

The earliest version of this site was assembled back in '96 on a handbuilt AMD K6-2 PC clone with 128MB SDRAM, ATI "All In Wonder Pro" video capture card and Digital Research (no, not that DRI) 21" monitor running Windows '98 with a 9GB Seagate Cheetah HD. Back then, the music & sounds were recorded direct to ADAT on a Mackie 24x8 8*Bus mixer, and digitally transferred to PC. Needless to say, things are much better today.

A few of my favorite things can be found here. I can also be reached by email at .

TwoKids.jpg (16166 bytes)
Not my amp! Commodore-Amiga Era Key West, '96 On Granger Pond (w/Michelle) Project Studio Tan At WireWorld w/Ty Tabor &
 Michael Wagener
Amp Building with Bruce Egnater Guitar Showcase 2015
w/Michael Schenker

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Delayed Onset Sleep Phase Syndrome can be a plus when you're a programmer.

(with thanks to Sheldon)

Vikings dealt harshly with people who couldn't pronounce their last name correctly. Some of them were Hodgsons. (Also, here, here and here.)

(I remember how the shortest kid in class used to challenge me at every opportunity, hoping to move up a rung. He never did.)

...just add a dash of perfectionism and it explains my every open-ended creative endeavor, pretty much.

Note that only one of these paths involves sunlight.



Did most of these things, except for the fashion part. And the TV.


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