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Production Notes - "Solo Medley"

Since '2000 I've appeared in a number collaborative "team" projects over the Internet, producing some and playing on others. Some of my favorite guitar moments have resulted from these efforts, so if you're looking for a quick tour of the kind of solos I like to write on a good day, then you've come to the right place. All of these entries appeared on MusicianWar between 2002-2006.

"Lost In Time": Backing by my very good friend Ben Hacer, aka Van Helsing of the Jimmy Hats. Just a single naked track of GuitarPort goodness. How naked? Try it yourself! You can find my patch right here.
"Only Happy": My first-ever collab contribution was this beautiful guitar/piano nod to Bruce Hornsby. Thanks to Brandon "Scrimshaw" Dalby for allowing me to play on his wonderful backing track.
"Liquor Up Front": This barfight solo comes straight to you from the Jimmy Hats' comedy-shred tribute to Mel Brooks' "Blazing Saddles". You can hear the whole song at
"WMD": My second, but definitely the shreddiest, of all my team projects. Props to fretboard wizard Tony Gaglio for producing this track along with a cast of guitar monsters! What am I doing here? LOL!


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