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Production Notes - Club Soda (That 70's Song)

Here's a toast to sitting on the grass at one of Bill Graham's Day on the Green festivals back when you could see six arena-rock headliners for the price of a large pizza!

I was in a classic rock frame of mind writing this, so I tried to make all the instruments equally important. In particular, the rhythm section has its hands full managing anticipation throughout the many sections. Hopefully everything's related enough to keep things on track, yet unrelated enough to keep things catchy and interesting.

Hardware: Ibanez S540 Custom, Line 6 POD Pro. Pedals: Digitech Whammy, BOSS DF-2. Editing: SONAR 2.2, Sound Forge 6.0

Plugins: Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas, LiveUpdate LiveSynth Pro, DSP-FX Chorus, Virsonix BBE Sonic Maximizer, iZotope Ozone 2.01, Waves L1-Ultramaximizer

Libraries: Alembic Finger Bass, Blue Jay Drums (Sonic Implants)

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