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Production Notes - Captain Crunch

This was a production experiment. I was messing around with amp plugins, in search of the "Perfect Crunch". That meant I needed something to crunchy to record, and what's crunchier than old Black Sabbath?

The tone that Brad Gillis got on Ozzy's live recording "Speak of the Devil" is one of my all-time favorite guitar sounds, and I did my best to record something like it. Really, it's all about the chunk - thick as a New York steak. I wasn't sure how to phrase a 'chunk challenge', but Pro War rules seem to be about right since they take the mix and production into account.

This song is an original medley of two Sabbath pieces, "Symptom of the Universe" and "Children of the Grave". I added some solos and ear candy bits since Ozzy wasn't around to help out, and as usual it's complete in and of itself. Crank it up!

Hardware: Ibanez S540 Custom, Line 6 POD Pro
Pedals: Line 6 FloorBoard (wah)
Editing: SONAR 2.2, Sound Forge 6.0

Plugins: Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas
LiveUpdate LiveSynth Pro
DSP-FX Flange
Sonic Timeworks Equalizer
Cakewalk MFX Volume
Virsonix BBE Sonic Maximizer
iZotope Ozone 2.01
Waves L1-Ultramaximizer

Libraries: Alembic Finger Bass, Blue Jay Drums (Sonic Implants)


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