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Production Notes - "#RiffsAndBeards3"

My FB friend Ozzy Inatuellev of Lychdom turned me on to this quickie riff contest sponsored by Ryan "Fluff" Bruce on YouTube. I didn't feel like whoring myself out to actually enter, as that would have entailed having to "like" 11 shitty gear vendors on Instagram and edit up a video of me playing this. By the time I found out there were only 2 days left to go, and a few folks had clearly put more effort into their uploads than the guy deserved for a freakin' ad placement! So I knocked this out in an evening and tried to get all modern prog-metal meany because anything else would probably be laughed at. Only tuned down to Eb though. 2 guitars & synth bass, drum loop courtesy of Fluff.


CapnZilog used:

Instruments: ESP MH-1000ET, MXR KfK EQ, Elektron Analog Drive, Kemper, BBE Sonic Stomp, Crane Song HEDD 192, V-Picks "1980"
Softsynths: Native Instruments Modo Bass
Additional Effects: 2C Audio Breeze 2.0, Cakewalk Channel Tools, iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced, Neutron 2, Insight
Slate Digital VCC / VTM / VMR, Waves RBass, S1 Imager
Audio Editing: SONAR Producer Platinum 2017.10, MAGIX Sound Forge Pro 11.0.345
Mastering: iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced,  Slate Digital VCC,  Waves L316 Multimaximizer
Encoding: Sonnox Pro-Codec Manager 3.01.0
Monitoring: Mackie HR824 active nearfields, Logitech LS11 2.0 PC speakers, Roland STUDIO-CAPTURE





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