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Production Notes - "Pandemic"

I'll get around to the details of this one in a bit - but for right now, it's my work-in-progress karaoke backing from the Accept album "Blood of the Nations" minus the vocals & guitar fills.

The point of this one was to meet or beat Andy Sneap's production; six weeks were spent on this backing, and most of it was just nailing down tones. Hence, no melodies - but I did take a stab at Wolf Hoffman's solo.

Everything from scratch aside from the vocal stab which I flew it in until I can get a real gang to yell that :D Actually, you can play this song side-by-side against the original in stereo (CD in the left channel, this in the right) AND IT SOUNDS GREAT. Proof of concept!

CapnZilog used:

Instruments:       ESP MH-1000ET, Perle VAI2KDNA replica ("Full Shred" pickup set), Ibanez FGM-100 ("Imperium" bridge pickup)
                             Elixir Nanoweb & Optiweb Custom.009's, Schaller Tremstop, Live Wire Elite instrument cables, Planet Waves "Chrome Dome" pick, V-Picks "1980", "Tradition 4.0"
Amps:                  Kemper Profiling Amplifier, Crane Song HEDD-192
Pedals:                Elektron Analog Drive, KFK EQ, t.c. electronic HyperGravity / Wiretap, Decimator II GString
Softsynths:          Cakewalk TTS-1, XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2, Native Instruments Modo Bass

Audio Editing: SONAR Producer Platinum (2017.07), Sony Sound Forge Pro 11.0

Additional Effects: BBE Optimized Sonic & Harmonic Maximizers,  Cakewalk Channel Tools / Sonitus Delay / MFX Velocity,  iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced,
                                 Rob Chiarelli Parallel Drums, Slate Digital VCC / VTM / VMR / CS Lift, Waves L1 Limiter / CLA Bass / RBass / S1 Imager, 2CAudio Breeze

Mastering:  iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced / Insight,  Slate Digital VBC / VCC / VTM / VMR,  Waves L316 Multimaximizer

Encoding:     Sonnox Pro-Codec Manager 3.01.0

Monitoring:  Mackie HR824 active nearfields, Sennheiser HD600 headphones, Logitech LS11 2.0 PC speakers, Roland STUDIO-CAPTURE


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