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Production Notes - "The Sparrow Has Landed" (w/just an outro solo, for now)

Alright, this one -is- brutal after all. So shoot me ;)

I've been a fan of Glenn Fricker's videos from the beginning; the man is a Godzilla on rhythm guitar, a Sam Kinison behind the mic, and a very sound source of practical recording advice. Every video he releases under the Spectre Media Group name uses a snippet of this song as a musical "tag", if you will.  And it's crushing - how can you ignore this riff? Only recently did Mr. Fricker reveal the rest of the track, which is kind of all-star Internet jam thing with six guitarists trading fours over this monster groove. It's unclear who actually wrote this, but I'm going to assume Glenn - and if you've seen his very well-produced  video, I call finger sync. (Watch the right hand rhythms of the three bass players if you doubt!)

Anyway, the solos in the video were kinda-off putting to my ears; except for Chris Rafinski's at 1:19, they suffer from what I call "Kirk Hammet anti-modalism" where they might sound okay over a PA in a club, but if you're listening critically not so much. (And I say this reluctantly, because Garret J. Peters' technique at :48 is just bitchin'. I fear him.) The original recording is in C on a 6-string Schecter Hellraiser; this one's in B. (Nigel Tufnel: "it's one lower, innit?")

I'll be tracking for the front shortly, have no doubt - but meanwhile, enjoy the wicked outro! And oh yeah, first time for recording with a seven-string guitar. The production on this one is very basic - SONAR has not been stable for me since the Platinum upgrade, so there's no fancy guitar reamping or drum libraries on display. And yet, despite the many backings I've created using Cakewalk's basic GM softsynth, I don't recall its standard drumset ever sounding quite this good!

CapnZilog used:
Instruments: Ibanez S7420FMTT 7-string, S5521QWPB (w/DiMarzio Gravity Storm pickups), Ibanez SR605 5-string bass, Korg nanoKey,
                      Fretwraps & Buznut string dampers, Elixir Nanoweb Custom .009's, George L's cables
Picks:  Jim Dunlop 46RF51 & Planet Waves JS steel, Gator Grip 2.0mm, GT Power Pick (guitar & bass versions), E-Bow Plus
Reamping:  Kemper Profiling Amplifier, CraneSong HEDD 192, Scuffham Amps S-Gear 2.5.2, John Cuniberti REAMP v2
Pedals:  t.c. electronic Nova Dynamics, MXR KfK EQ, Mad Professor Amber Overdrive, BBE Sonic Stomp
Cakewalk TTS-1

Audio Editing: SONAR Producer Platinum, Sony Sound Forge Pro 11.0, Melodyne editor 2.1.2
Additional Effects: iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced, Waves CLA Bass / RBass / Center, Sonitus:FX delay / compressor, Slate Digital VTM / VCC / VMR,
                                Fielding Reviver, Rob Chiarelli Parallel Drums, Nomad Factory Blue Tubes DeEsser, SoundToys Little MicroShift, SPL Transient Designer,
                                Softube Transient Shaper, BBE H82 Harmonic Maximizer, SHEPPi Spatial Enhancer
 Slate Digital VMR / VCC / VTM, iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced, BBE D82 Sonic Maximizer,Waves L316 Multimaximizer
Encoding:  Sonnox Fraunhofer Codec Toolbox 1.0.6, MP3Tag 2.70

Monitoring:  Mackie HR824 active nearfields, Sennheiser HD600 headphones, Logitech LS11 2.0 PC speakers, Roland STUDIO-CAPTURE


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