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Production Notes - "Wall of Fear"

Yes, it's only thirty seconds long. But what a thirty seconds it is!

The inspiration for this snippet came the day my BOSS OD-1X overdrive arrived in the mail. Interesting tone - enough to make me want to showcase it on rhythm guitar a bit. The solo uses a Mad Professor Amber Overdrive for extra greasiness, and my usual Bearfoot Honey Beest didn't get used at all. All in all, the sound of this track doesn't really owe that much to the overdrives but I like it a lot! A win for the Kemper and reamping goodness in general. A slightly different edit (where the lead comes in a bar early) can be found here.

CapnZilog used:
Instruments: Ibanez EGEN18TVF, Elixir Nanoweb Custom .009's, 2.0mm Gator Grip pick, Korg nanoKey
Kemper Profiling Amplifier, MXR KfK EQ, BOSS OD-1X OverDrive, Mad Professor Amber Overdrive, Xotic X-Blender, BOSS NS-2 Noise Suppressor, Crane Song HEDD 192, Roland Studio-Capture, John Cuniberti REAMP
Mackie HR824's, Sennheiser HD-580's, Logitech LS11 2.0's
Audio Editing: SONAR Producer X3, Sony Sound Forge Pro 11.0
Additional Effects: iZotope Ozone 5, Waves L1 Limiter / ADT / RBass, Slate Digital VTM, Stilwell Transient Monster, 2caudio Breeze, BBE D82 Sonic Maximizer, BBE Harmonic Maximizer 3.0
Slate SSD 4.0, Spectrasonics Trillian
iZotope Ozone 5, Slate Digital VTM, SHEPPi Spatial Enhancer, Eventide Ultra-Channel, Waves L316 Multimaximizer
Encoding: Sonnox Fraunhofer Codec Toolbox, MP3Tag 2.61a

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