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Production Notes - "Hell's Kitchen Theme"

Channel surfing I was, when I stumbled across a rerun of the first episode of Gordon Ramsay's (American) reality TV cooking series. Being a lover of all things "Iron Chef"-like, I immediately ordered the DVD and watched all 10 episodes back to back! I have no idea who originally recorded this song; usually, when the "HK" music is discussed on the Web, it's the Ohio Player's "Fire" that gets mentioned. Did they replace that song for the DVD release, I wonder? Whatever - this is a great track! Enjoy my version. ;D

CapnZilog used:
Instruments: Peavey "V-Type" hardtail w/EMG's (rhythm), Ibanez FG-100 (lead), Rogue LX405B bass
Line 6 TonePort UX2 & Constrictor, Stewart Electronics ADB-1, John Cuniberti REAMP, Damage Control Demonizer, AMT California Sound, M-Audio Axiom 49
Mackie HR824's, Sennheiser HD-580's
Editing: SONAR Producer 6.2.1, Sony Sound Forge 9.0
Softsynths: Cakewalk/Roland TTS-1, Cakewalk Studio Instruments, NI Battery, Session Drummer 2 (custom library)
Effects: BBE Sonic Maximizer, Cakewalk TapeSim, iZotope Ozone 3.09, Line6 GearBox Plugin, Perfect Space, PSP Vintage Warmer 2, Sonitus Delay/Gate, Stilwell Transient Monster, Waves Doubler/L2/Raxx/RBass/S1-Imager/MaxxVolume/Z-Noise
Mastering: iZotope Ozone 3.09,  Waves LL Multimaximizer
Encoding: Sony Sound Forge 9.0

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